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Bcare arises from the need to provide innovative solutions to the sector of energy storage in batteries and capacitors.

We provide means for transforming the economic, social, and environmental realities of the sector.

We have the scientific and technological backing, as well as the passion and experience of a professional team highly aware of market needs.

We respond with excellence to the trust placed in our services.

Bcare Minding Batteries

The Excellence is our raison d'être

Committed to sustainability, at Bcare, we answer the challenges of the energy storage sector in a way that respects the environment and the society.


To create excellent solutions to maximize the sustainability of innovative storage systems as the energetic alternative for the future.


To be the vehicle for the transformation of the global energy storage market, providing high value-added services for key decision-making processes.

We comply with the principles of innovation, commitment and understanding for the present and future needs of the sector, values which we foster in Bcare and in our relationships with suppliers, collaborators, and customers.